Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some tips for interview

Some tips for interview

1. Keep your bio-data infront of you(esp. summary sheet generated at time of filling mains form) and prepare all possible questions out of it-- birth place, dist, state, education, work experience.

2. Revise some fundamentals of ur education. You can't give excuses like i forget because it was long time back.. etc.

3. While answering don't be generic. Eg. if they ask you what will you do if you become collector of your dist. etc. dont say - i'll remove corruption, increase efficiency etc. Mention few problems faced by your district, your ideas to overcome them or potential areas of development in your district. Answer keeping the condition of your district in mind.

4. First things first. If you have to say multiple things, mention important ones first. They may always interrupt you in between and you'll land up in trouble if you mention least important ones first. (Eg. why did you leave your soft ware job.. etc. don't start with -ve aspects)

5. Attend few mock interviews and take their suggestions.

6. Prepare on cuurent affairs and science and technology very well. Prepare well about your optionals.

7. you'll have medical test on next working day of interview. so, book tickets accordingly.

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