Thursday, August 29, 2013

ATTENTION!!!!              ATTENTION!!!!                  ATTENTION!!!!

Much awaited SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN has begun.

Kindly visit:

Read our letter to MP's, which will be forwarded to them in the coming days.

Supporters are requested to sign the letter by filling the form.

Kindly tell all the registered/unregistered members to undertake this signature campaign.

HYDERABAD EVENT - On lines of our successful Jantar Mantar protest, we are organizing a protest march in Hyderabad in this week only.
We need people to help organize and attend the protest. 
All interested volunteers can mail Rohit at or contact him at - 9985790089


For following fields - 

1) Media– people who have media experience, media contacts etc

2) Political contacts– people who have access to state/national
political leaders in their home state or Delhi to whom we can present our

3) Translation – we have certain documents, memorandums, petitions
etc in English which needs to be translated in Hindi, Tamil, Oriya,
Marathi, Punjabi etc.

Mail us at -


Although we are meeting MPs and political leaders from different parties in Delhi, we need you to  -

1) Explore political contacts/approaches of MPs in your area/city and present them with our demands.

2) Get in touch with the print/electronic media in your area/city and ask them to highlight our issue. Once published, send us the link/scan copy of the news item.

We can provide you with the relevant documents/memorandums/statistics etc that would be needed for this on your email id.

Mail us at -

Fight Injustice by demanding
  • Extra Age and attempt relaxations. 
  • Right to write exam and improve our score and if pattern changes then Age and Attempt relaxation like done earlier in 1979.
Our fight is to get fresh attempts and age relaxation as done in 1979,1990 and 1992...

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