Monday, December 2, 2013

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Please join as volunteer for our mission parliament adjournment. You can join the front end team in Delhi or the  back-end team (work  from home). Be a part in creating history
Our Main Winter session plan

Mission Parliament adjournment We have drafted a plan which involves lots of work, planning and technology. But at the end, success and mission  accomplished. The plan revolves around parliament adjournment on the issue of Age/attempt relaxation & reversal  of discriminatory trend in UPSC Civil Services Examination. We are very confident about this plan. In monsoon session we had worked with this plan and at that time there were only two teams. So we know what we are talking about.Our goal is to get 750 Signature of MP's on the issue and ask MP's not only to raise the issue on the floor of the house but also to get the parliament adjourned.

We need two kind of volunteers 
1) One who can be a part of team in Delhi and meet Member of parliaments (a Front end support team)
2) The other who are outside Delhi but can work from home (back-end  support Team)

Front end team : We require around 100 people in group of 5 to 7 members ,so ideally around 20 teams. Each team (At least one member) must be equipped with Android Smart phone (preferably GPS enabled) with 3G connection. They will be given a roster to meet MPs and explain the issue. 

With the available internet connection, they will upload the outcome of their meet. Also, with the help of GPS, each team will be tracked in Google maps by central hum. 

We will have to make sure that no two teams go to the same MP. This will prevent duplication. 

Each team will carry all newspaper cuttings, documents, pictures of protest etc. We will also provide one day training to teams. We will also drop few teams in permanent locations like North Avenue or South Avenue etc in Delhi. There are several other details which we are skipping for the time being.

Timing: We will start from 5th Dec and will work till parliament winter session is over. Working hours are 8 AM to 8 PM.You will be a part of the team which will create a history.

Back end Team :  This team will work from Home, anywhere in India. These will be equipped with Phone, Internet and E-fax etc. We require at least 35-40 people in back-end support. Goal will be to track MPs by calling them,and then direct the nearest team working at the front-end, by updating in the roster. For this we can make best utilization of people residing outside Delhi. We prefer people from Delhi to take front-end work or central supervision.

Please give feedback about our plans, by writing to us at our email ID . Kindly encourage others to be a part in this movement. Also give ideas on the use of technology and Application or any other input.



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