Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Recent TV Show Debates

  1. The Big Picture – Nelson Mandela: How Gandhi influenced his life and times
  2. The Big Picture – Supreme Court judgement: Have Gay Rights taken a beating?
  3. India’s World – Chinese Air Defence Zone controversy
  4. Video – State of the Economy – Challenges in Project Implementation 
  5. Documentary – India Untouched (Must Watch)
  6. The Big Picture – Manufacturing sector: Why are we lagging behind?
  7. The Big Picture – Cyber Security Policy: Will it secure Systems and Privacy
  8. Policy Watch – Burden of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs); Inauguration of Bharatiya Mahila Bank
  9. Policy Watch : Stock Market Volatility; RBI’s recent Paper on Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Model for Foreign Banks in India
  10. The Big Picture – Free Trade Agreements: Harmful or Helpful to Build?
  11. Policy Watch – India’s tough stand in the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali; Chinese Yuan going remarkably strong against the Dollar
  12. The Big Picture – Lokpal passes muster: What next?
  13. The Big Picture – Communal Violence Bill: Will it satisfy all?
  14. India’s World – Political Crisis In Bangladesh
  15. State of the Economy – Migration of the Agricultural Labour, Food Habits in the Lower Strata of the Pyramid
  16. India’s World – India-China relations
  17. The Big Picture – Are Government, RBI on the Same Page on Inflation?

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