Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank you All

With all your cooperation  this blog earned 650 rupees and I have donated this money (1000 rupees) to Akshaya Patra from our trust salkuti seva trust ( Which will fund Mid-Day meal for 80 to 100 children for one time.

Each time you click on the advertisement links it will earn 3.6 paise.This credit goes to you all... Keep in touch with this blog.May the Mighty God bless you all with prosperity and Happiness.

Details of Donation:

Thank you

Thank you for making a donation to Akshaya Patra and feeding a hungry child!
Your donation will be processed within 24 hrs by the bank and your tax exemption certificate will be processed there on.
Let the world know the good deed you have done today

Donation Transaction Details
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 Transaction Successful
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                        ""Thank you All once again""

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  1. We feel its a great initiative from our side and also from our Salkuti Seva Trust :-)


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